I am Shanthi Sekar, have 32+ years of cooking vegetarian foods in South Indian Tamil Culture & Tradition and feel proud to tell that purely 100% vegetarian. Used to cook for large family gatherings on occasions such as Tamil New Year, Diwali, Pongal (Sankaranthi) & other important Indian festivals and shared my dishes to relatives & friends in Chennai, South India where I lived from my birth to 2009.

Now I have settled in Calgary, AB, Canada from 2009. I wish to share healthy & quickly prepared vegetarian food recipes & cooking tips for those who wish to learn (for beginners, students & working men/women) and encourage others to clarify their doubts in detail by emailing their questions so that I can answer. The ingredients of my recipes do not contain any egg/fish/meat; and I use only milk products of any kind, vegetables & fruits, and pulses & nuts in my cooking.

In my opinion, “Cooking is an art – easy to learn but serving and cleaning involve hygiene & eating smartly and maintain health involve intelligence”.

My contact details:

website: shanthi63.wordpress.com